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As Magna Motors Dealers Limited celebrates its second year as the local dealer for the Hyundai automotive brand it continues to share its joy with customers by adding the Hyundai Car Smart-Display package as a standard feature to several of its popular models.

“Drivers can now pay more attention to the road, enhancing their safety and those around them as it allows you to use a familiar device like your smartphone,” Carlos Geourzoung, sales manager, Magna Motors Dealership Ltd, told the Jamaica Observer's Auto magazine.

The Car Smart-Display is an infotainment system upgrade that provides an 8-inch touchscreen with improved sound fidelity, via a seven-speaker system, as a standard in the 2018 Hyundai Creta and Elantra, as well as the Tucson, excluding the base model.

It boasts voice-activated calling, Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to play both mp3 and mp4 music and video file formats. The big change is the inclusion of Apple CarPlay, which allows any iPhone 5 and up to be a part of the infotainment system. Once connected, the iPhone seamlessly integrates with the Car Smart-Display allowing users to access all the main functions. This means all the media, navigation, and voice controls are handled by the iPhone.

The major advantage is having access to all contacts and media, and most of all Apple's excellent voice assistant Siri. Through Apple CarPlay, iPhone users can accept and make calls, use navigation, and have their messages read or answered all through the vehicle's infotainment system.

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