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HD120 Less is More
The Hyundai HD120 sets the standard in medium duty truck category. Built to Hyundai's high quality and reliability standards, the HD120 is the perfect partner for your business. Inside, you get comfortable, durable seats and an ergonomic wraparound instrument panel that provides control over the vehicle.

Comfortable, Spacious and ready for all your business needs.
Everyone knows people work better in the best conditions. The interior of the HD is built to increase driver and crew satisfaction, to relieve long distance fatigue and stop and start stress. It was developed by driving professionals and proven over every kind of road imaginable. The foldable cable operated gearshift is light and precise. Fresh, but durable trim materials and a textured floor covering, excellent NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness) isolation, new wood grain fascia trim, LED lit switches and super clear instrumentation are all part of what goes into making every Hyundai HD a driver’s first choice.

Choose your cab, comfort and flexibility is built-in
Because transport and trucking covers a whole range of industries and services with differing crew needs, the Hyundai HD series offer a full range of purpose built cabs. All with the unique blend of long distance comfort and lasting durability you naturally expect from Hyundai.

Powerful, Dependable and Economical
Whether you choose one of the entry level inline naturally aspirated six cylinder diesels or top-of-the-range turbo charged intercooler Engine, each Hyundai engine combines top performance with impressive economy. Best of all, they are fitted with top specification injection pumps so they’re easy to service,highly dependable and can be counted on for a long service life.

Driving a Hyundai is Driving with Peace of Mind
Safety begins with an impressively durable and strong frame. That serves as the foundation for an all-steel suspension system and excellent ride and handling qualities. For superlative stopping power, Hyundai offers a full air braking system supplemented by an exhaust brake. ABS with Anti-Slip Regulator and front/rear auto brake adjusters can be ordered as options. For your security and peace of mind, the fuel filler cap is fitted with a lock and sliding lock cover.

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