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Designed for Perfect Business
The Hyundai Heavy Duty Truck provides impressive evidence of meeting whatever the driver needs and wants. The advanced technology of its predecessor formed the basis for the continued development and realization of the extensive technical measures. The Hyundai Heavy Duty Truck features the completeness of the development and implementation of a whole new, driver-oriented interior space. Its concept fully responds to the most precise demands for comfort, safety and cost-effectiveness. But, above all, you can be sure of finding the ideal vehicle you need whether you’re dealing in urban distribution, long distance haulage, working on construction or serving communities.

Advanced, but Reliable
More upgraded Hyundai heavy duty truck’s exterior style has evolved while still preserving its distinct characteristics. Modern, elegant and expressive, the vehicle’s attractive front will effectively represent your style and personality. The designers’ improvements have been concentrated on the advanced combination of strength and elegance. The well-ventilated radiator grille which is designed to offer the best possible cooling system for the engine with a bigger intercooler, extends towards the wider front bumper. An even more aerodynamically designed cab with corner vane and roof spoiler incorporates additionally recessed fog lamps and optimized air intakes. Single unit headlamps comprise high beam and low beam and indicator lights with side repeater.

The new aerodynamic cab proudly reflects a modern taste. That design not only looks advanced but is also highly functional. Tough, but gentle lines combine sensuous curves for an energetic and refined look. Each detail reflects solid craftsmanship and brilliant design. Large outside mirrors and powerful headlamps make for confident, safe driving. It adds to an enhanced aerodynamic efficiency and a quieter, more efficient driving. But more importantly, it considerably improves crashworthiness and facilitates easier maintenance and repair. Furthermore, the aerodynamic cab design minimizes wind resistance for improved fuel economy and less wind noise, while the quiet cabin leads to reduced driver fatigue.

The Workplace, as Your Home
The ergonomically designed driver’s space on the Hyundai Heavy Duty Truck harmoniously combines functionality with efficiency. The steering wheel with tilting function, well-positioned overhead console and climate control switches are provided for easy to drive. From the wraparound instrument panel and power windows to the central door lock system and numerous storage bins, every feature in the cabin works to relieve the stress and strain of daily driving.

The ideal work place: The cabin gives an impression of comfort, convenience and pre-eminence, moreover it has a quality interior to match. There is a generous amount of room to move around, ensuring a spacious environment for both working and relaxing. From the ergonomically designed cockpit to various compartments, this cab has virtually everything that satisfies the driving experience. The high-comfort multi functional seat, wide and long bed and excellent air conditioning system ensure that the driver is well rested and motivated. Various and versatile stowage compartments located on the center console and above the windscreen, plus door side pockets come in useful for long journeys.

Powerful, Reliable and Cost-effective
With the Hyundai Heavy Duty Truck we have absolutely no doubt that you will be the owner of a vehicle that embodies both excellent performance and impressive cost-effectiveness. But most of all, any engine which you can choose is highly dependable and can be counted on for a long service life. The Hyundai Heavy Duty Truck’s diesel engines have proven themselves under the most demanding operating conditions. At the very top of the range is the D6CC41, a turbocharged air-to-air intercooled V-6 that delivers 410ps of pulling power. D6CC41’s diesel injection system is unsurpassed in reliability and cost saving. Moreover, it offers ease in service and maintenance.

To transport operators anywhere, whenever
The frame of the Hyundai Heavy Duty Truck offers the benefits of a robust, durable and rigid construction for the toughest work as well as a long range haul. The high tensile heat treated steel maximizes payload capacity and durability, while heavy duty cross members and all bolted construction technique to the frame assure high efficiency in distributing payload stress over the frame. The result is an extraordinary robust and strong frame that you will never have to worry about.

Our Philosophies, Your Safety
The Hyundai Heavy Duty Truck is also developed for maximizing safety and minimizing risks. It starts from an impressively durable and strong frame. That serves as the foundation for an all steel suspension system and extraordinary ride and handling. For super stopping power, we offer an air braking system supplemented by an exhaust brake. ABS with anti-slip regulator and front and rear auto brake adjusters can be ordered. For your safety, height adjustable seatbelts with belt tension reducer is equipped. To protect against a side collision, ultra high tensile steel is applied for the door beam. And with the parking brake, just a light pull is all it takes to engage the pneumatic parking system.

Hyundai Truck, Long distance haulage
With a Hyundai tractor, you know you’re getting the right rig for the job. Hyundai offers you a choice five tractor models, each designed to give an extra margin of productivity and efficiency that you need to stay ahead of the competition. Drivers will appreciate comfort cabs with all new air suspension and driver-oriented ergonomics. All powertrain, frame, axle and suspension components have been matched and tested to deliver top performance and reliability. And for your peace of mind, Hyundai tractors are backed by Hyundai Mobis’ advanced global parts distribution network that ensures spares are there when you need them.

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