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With the all-new Venue, Hyundai makes it crossover debut in the compact SUV segment. As Hyundai's most-affordable crossover to date, Venue is aimed at urban adventurers with a taste for savvy, trendy design that stands apart. Conveying a fun and functional design inside and out, Venue is a true urban crossover with loads of versatility in a modern subcompact package. Yet Venue packs plenty of punch with its 1.6 L MPi engine that raises the bar for efficiency while satisfying the hunger for power and responsiveness. Venue comes with advanced technologies that young buyers are looking for: an 8-in infotainment unit with an HD colour touchscreen and a new 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission lead the list of high-tech options. Venue presents an exciting new alternative in the entry-level crossover category: A crossover with the right size, the right features and the right footprint for urban living.

Departing from the Hyundai family-look, Venue delivers a radically new interpretation of Hyundai’s signature design language to elevate its own intrinsic design values. Small but with a bold personality, Venue radiates youthful exuberance.

The thoroughly modern interior conveys the same playful, youthful attributes of the exterior while staying true to design team’s primary mission of creating a sanctuary of safety, comfort and convenience. The operator-centered layout of the instrument panel minimizes driver effort while the interior colour palette and textures have been selected for their emotionally gratifying qualities.

The cascade-style grille serves as a design signature that confirms Venue’s membership in the Hyundai family. The two-section front bumper features a matte-black lower fascia fitted with a silver skid plate giving Venue the purposeful, athletic stance of a crossover.

By maximizing the volume of the haunches, designers created a solid foundation for the rear architecture which is sculpted into three distinctive tiers. Unique triangular-shaped repeater lamps are neatly integrated into the cube-shaped rear combination lamps—the highlight of the middle tier design. The silver rear skid plate adds a pleasant harmonious touch.

Venue's 1.6 L MPi has been thoroughly revised to raise mid-speed performance and improve efficiency while lowering noise and operating costs. All-aluminium construction and GDI is supplemented by single-scroll turbocharging which has been paired with an electric waste gate motor to produce 123ps@6,300rpm.

A wide array of counter-measures have been applied to suppress noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). Engineers have tackled NVH issues at their very source by improving body rigidity through the expanded use of ultra-high tensile strength steel and industrial-strength structural adhesives that are now used to augment several thousand spot welds. The engine rides on quieter aluminium mounts while revised intake and exhaust systems help to lower noise. Venue engineers have succeeded in creating a crossover that is impressively quiet-running and with markedly low levels of NVH.

Venue benefits from the very latest advances in manufacturing technology. Steel panels are mated to sub-structures using an army of robots that first apply industrial-strength adhesives along critical seams which are then reinforced with thousands of spot welds. The result is an incredibly rigid structure.

Venue's climate control knobs and buttons are ideally positioned and are perfectly sized and spaced for simple, intuitive operation even with a thickly gloved hand, reflecting Hyundai's obsession with good design fundamentals and thorough approach to the task. The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system adopts the latest technologies to maximize energy efficiency and deliver many years of reliable use.

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