Hyundai PALISADE owning the Jamaican streets – The New Big Boss packing punches

Hyundai’s flagship SUV is here!

Kingston, Jamaica, May 7, 2021

Yes, here in Jamaica!
Magna Motors Dealership Limited introduces the Palisade as its all-new, modern-premium, luxurious SUV, and international reviews have already placed this beauty as a top contender in the class of 3-rows SUVs. The Palisade’s modern-premium features are bound to appeal to both the novice and the car enthusiast.

Affordable Luxury
The driver’s seat puts you in charge. The intelligently designed bridge console creates a cockpit with easy access to the 8 or 10.25-inch touch screen that makes up a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster. The Palisade undoubtedly provides the best value for money and entertainment to boot! With a twelve-speaker infinity surround system, 2nd row USB charging ports, Apple and Android auto car play, wireless charging system, and heads up display, The Palisade oozes luxury! It’s broad body, long hood, and separated headlights give it an undeniably bold exterior while complemented by its stylishly finished regular or Nappa leather upholstery. The Palisade comes with a distinguished panoramic sunroof that leaves its passengers floating in the air.

Top Class Safety
Internationally recognised for its unbending safety standards, Hyundai equips the Palisade with six airbags, ABS disc brakes on all wheels, a tyre pressure monitor, blind spot collision monitors, and vehicle stability management, which promises to give the SUV buyers more than enough reasons to switch to Hyundai. Hyundai’s Smart Sense Technology further emphasises safety by adding a 360 surround-view monitor for ease in navigating tight spaces, blindspot collision warning, and safe exit assist. The Palisade Smart Sense Technology separates the Palisade from the competitors by miles.

Sensuous Design
The Palisade was carefully designed to give the sophisticated SUV driver all they desire. Once again, Hyundai has outdone itself; the Palisade is packed with the best in class technology and built perfectly for the modern family or business executive. The three-row horizontal design allows for any combination of seats automatically folded to make it ideal for additional passengers and luggage space. The Palisade seats eight passengers comfortably with a walk-in button for added convenience.

Remarkable Power & Performance
The Palisade offers the innovative H-TRAC 4-wheel drive system and multi-terrain control. It is available in three trims: Premium, Executive, and Signature – offering the best combination of modern premium affordable luxury. Nestled on eighteen or twenty-inch alloy wheels, the Palisade comes powered by a 2.2-litre turbo engine with an 8-speed manual transmission to provide the opportunity for a world of discovery.

As customary to Hyundai drivers, the Palisade got high marks on fuel efficiency. It delivers 19 miles per gallon in the city and 24 to 26 miles per gallon on highways making it a true leader in its class. The highly efficient diesel engines deliver best-in-class power and performance giving 45 kg m of torque at 1750 – 2750 rpm.

There is no doubt that Hyundai’s intricate sensuous designs, modern premium technology, and Hyundai smart safety senses have raised the bar for SUVs worldwide and certainly in the Jamaican market.