Warranty Policy

Magna Motors Dealership Limited will cover your HYUNDAI Vehicle for five (5) years or 100,000 Kilometres (whichever occurs first) in the repair and replacement of any component originally manufactured and installed by HYUNDAI Motor Company (HMC), that is found to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use and maintenance of the vehicle.

It is important to note what is excluded from the warranty policy. To determine what will not be covered, the guarantee will be based on the following affirmation, "the warranty does not cover failures or adjustments that is not derived from the manufactured process". The guarantee does not cover elements or adjustments that enter within the category of maintenance nor which is deteriorated due to the natural wearing down or by use, for example:

Oil Change
Engine tune-ups
Tires " Tightening
Wheel Balance
Normal deterioration or wear or consumable items
Excluded from the warranty policy are
Damage or failure resulting from:
Negligence of proper maintenance as required in the O/Manual
Misuse, abuse, overload, accident, theft, water flooding or fire - Use of improper or insufficient fuel, fluids, or lubricants.
Use of parts other than HYUNDAI Genuine Parts.
Any device and/or accessories not supplied by Hyundai.
Modifications, alterations, tampering or improper repair.
Deterioration of rubber parts, upholstery and soft trim under normal use and exposure.
Slight irregularities not recognized as affecting quality of function of the vehicle or parts (ex. slight noise or vibration).
Items considered characteristic of the vehicle.
Incidental or consequential damages such as fuel, travel, loading inconvenience, commercial and/or personal loss and loss of use of the vehicle.
Extra Expenses:
Any economic loss including (without limitation) payment for the loss of time or pay, inconvenience, loss of vehicle use, vehicle rental expense, lodging bills, food, other travel costs, storage charges and other incidental or consequential loss or damage. " Any vehicle where the odometer has been altered. " Airborne "fallout", industrial fall-out, acid rain, salt, hail and wind storms, or other Acts of God.
Please note that this warranty policy is conditioned to the faithful fulfilment of the following maintenance scheme and can result in a violation of warranty terms if not adhered to: The vehicle does an inspection at 1,000 Kilometres at the official HYUNDAI Service Centre, After this initial inspection all normal maintenance services are covered by the customer unless a promotion maintenance package is applied.
After the initial inspection, the vehicle must receive an Engine Oil Service at the first 5,000 Kilometres (+/- 500) or in the first 6 months after delivery.
All Services maintenances must be performed in a sequence of every 5,000 Kilometres or 6 months, according to the normal maintenance schedule.
It is important that you understand and to avoid losing the benefit of the warranty, you must observe and comply with HYUNDAI guidelines regarding the operation, maintenance and conservation of the vehicle. As such, we recommend that you carefully read the owner's manual, warranty booklet and service passport. Therefore, the normal maintenance must always be properly registered and sealed in the service passport according to the maintenance schedule described above.

In addition, the HYUNDAI Warranty Policy requires that all repairs, mechanical, electrical, body and paint, etc. are addressed and solve through our authorized service network, while the warranty is in effect.

All HYUNDAI Genuine Parts purchased by the customer and installed by an authorized service centre, will be governed by a warranty period of ONE Year Warranty or 20,000 Kilometres whichever comes first. This does not apply to parts with normal wear.

To obtain the benefit of the warranty, on receiving process of the vehicle, the service advisor will open a repair order, where all services required must be detailed. In addition the routine services and the repair order must be properly signed by the customer. The Service Advisor will be the responsible for giving the proper follow-up to the repair and keep you informed about the status of the warranty requested. Please notice that all warranties are subject to evaluation and diagnosis, to determine the applicable warranty.

Special cases of warranties:

Batteries: Batteries have a limited warranty period of two (2) years or 40,000 KM. Batteries are materials subject to wear and tear and should be charged regularly. Vehicle with little use and stored or parked for long periods of time without charging the battery can generate a unfavourable condition that can lead to discharge and damage the component, therefore these kinds of cases will not be considered as a defect and the warranty does not cover this type of repairs.

Wheel balance & Alignment: Wheel balance and alignment job based on the customer complaint within 6 months is allowed one time after vehicle is delivered to customer.

Tires: Basically tires are warranted directly by the tire manufacturer. In case there is no tire manufacturer's regional office (agency) in your region, you can issue the tire claims through ours Service Centre.

Towing: Warranty for Towing cost when the towing was necessitated by a warrantable condition and when the vehicle is inoperative, will be made only for towing to the nearest Hyundai Dealer.

Consumable Items: The following consumable Items are covered in the first year (12 Months) or 20,000 Kilometres:

Brake Disc (incl. pads, Lining & Shoe)
Clutch Disc
Spark Plugs
Fuel Filter
Our Service Department operates Mondays through Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Sayini Rose - Service Advisor - 876-550-5870
Winsbert Jackson - Service Advisor - 876-564-2022
Nicholas Brooks - Body Shop Service Advisor
Service Centre Cell - 876-550-5870 (also for appointment reservations)
Finally, we encourage you to read the owner's manual for operations instructions so that you are familiar with it.

We reiterate our warmest welcome to the HYUNDAI family. Our biggest commitment is to maintain your vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer's standards, using genuine parts and highly trained staff. All our effort is to ensure your utmost customer experience.

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