2022 Tucson


4th Gen Tucson Ready to Set New Record

Based on an innovative design and delivering value above and beyond its class.
The new TUCSON sets the standard for SUVs and is ready to set new sales records.

Reason to believe

Most competitive in its class with innovative sporty SUV styling, interior space equal to midsize vehicles, safe and convenient new advanced specifications.

Cascade Grill

The design of the new TUCSON includes Hyundai's iconic waterfall grill. Its striking chrome-tone muscle bars arch up to the headlights with LED daytime running lights.


Combination LED taillights

Its distinctive features and bold athletic appeal naturally fuse function, stability and sophistication.


Exciting and timeless design

With a 3D parametric style grille and jewel-like surface, the TUCSON is for trendsetters with a taste for futuristic design. Standing out for its hidden daytime running lights, its angled wheels and contrasting side paneling.

State-of-the-art exterior design

Tucson has more space, greater longitudinal clearance, greater distance to the roof and a wider trunk, allowing greater comfort for passengers.


Beyond athletics - Born to achieve the best results

True to Hyundai's iconic shape, its hexagonal grille framed by LED headlights enhanced by sleek horizontal lines not only manifests a bolder urban stance, but also reveals its true athletic nature, ready to be driven.

Connecting side mirror with DLO chrome molding
Side markers on the mirror caps help other vehicles know which way you are going.
17 ”/ 18” / 19 ”angle bow
The square arches and two-tone lines implement the image of a solid and robust vehicle.
Hidden windshield wiper
The rear windshield wiper and wiper ensure better visibility during inclement weather.
Chrome DLO molding
Tucson offers an aerodynamic rear wing with HMSL, while the rear windshield wiper and wiper ensure better visibility during inclement weather.

Experience a new revision

Impeccable mastery of materials and shapes to achieve perfection and luxury, above its class.

Sophisticated matrix - connecting your senses

To maximize your comfort in our highly functional and organic design, the new Tucson connects your senses with the advanced Human Machine Interface (HMI), for your ultimate driving pleasure.

Seat Colours


Interior space

From its sculpted exterior to the ventilation and spaciousness of the interior, the new Tucson fuses advanced technology with its sophisticated and rich cabin design for maximum comfort.

Rear air ventilation

Rear ventilation provides pleasant conditions for passengers in the rear seats.

Console side trim

Adaptation of the artificial leather cover on the side trim of the driver's console.

Various power options Easily controlled.

The powerful driving performance of Santa Fe has a wide range of options, such as dynamic or comfortable driving, depending on the road conditions.

Santa Fe also automatically recognizes the core driving trends of different family members, offering optimal driving modes for each driver.


Smart console with broadcast buttons

The center console stores the transmission buttons all in one place, helping the Santa Fe be more efficient while maintaining premium styling.
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Advanced Traction Cornering Control (ATCC)

While accelerating in a corner, Advanced Cornering Traction Control (ATCC) applies a braking torque to the inner wheel of the drive axle, to prevent understeer of the vehicle. Along with Electronic Stability Control (ESC), it provides agility and cornering stability.
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Front and rear suspension

A McPherson-type front suspension provides better handling and greater stability during driving and braking. A multi-link rear suspension makes it possible to create a more spacious rear compartment than cars with rear wheel suspension, providing a more comfortable ride.

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Six-speed automatic transmission

Low maintenance, very convenient. The six-speed automatic transmission gives you improved intuitive operation, night-driving ability, illuminated position indicators and the advantage of not having to change the oil in your transmission.

Drive Mode

Simply turn the knob to select the mode that suits you best: COMFORT for everyday driving, ECO for optimal fuel efficiency, SPORT for faster acceleration or SMART, which automatically adjusts gear change intervals according to driving patterns Recent

Multi terrain control

When the going gets tough, the Snow, Mud and Sand modes ensure optimal tire traction on different types of rough terrain.

Safety and reliability is the first thing we have in mind.

Hyundai continues to set the standard for smart dirving safety, with increased rigidity and cutting-edge technology from the new Tucson,
which ensures our pormose for your safe ride.


Vehicle Stability Management (VSM)

Whether on wet or slippery roads, Vehicle Stability Management (VSM) helps you drive with extra confidence, ensuring stability through cooperative control between Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Motor Driven Power Steering (MDPS) ).


Downhill Brake Control (DBC) and Hill Start Assist Control (HAC)

Designed to tackle any incline with the force of automatic braking on a steep incline and automatically applied brakes to prevent dangerous reverse, the new Tucson can inspire a true sense of adventure.


Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS)

Ensuring best-in-class body structural rigidity, the Tucson's all-new design is reinforced through the expanded use of advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) and the hot-stamping process.

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Six airbag system

The six airbag system includes dual front airbags, two front side impact airbags, and two curtain airbags that extend longitudinally on both sides.
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Electronic Parking Brake (EPB)

Saves interior space and provides greater comfort to activate the parking brake with a state-of-the-art switch design.

Absolute comfort

Enjoy comfort, control and elegance with driver-centric technology features that will give you a unique driving experience.

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Parking Assist System (PAS)

Sensors on the front and rear bumpers that assess the distance between the vehicle and obstacles and alert drivers when necessary are useful when parking in a tight space.
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Seat Adjustment Control (Front)

Find your comfort in any position with the optional 8-way adjustable passenger seat and the electric driver seat up to 8 ways adjustable with the optional 2-way power lumbar support.
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Automatic Navigation Control (ACC, Auto Cruise Control)

The system maintains a constant speed as established by the driver.
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Rear seat back bag hook

The hook installed in the back of the seat is retractable and is capable of holding shopping bags and bags alike, which improves storage comfort.
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Charging screen

It works both as a safety and convenience feature, by covering messy cargo or other personal items.



Engine Engine Type: MPi
Displacement: 1,999 cm3
Max Speed: 181 km / h
Max Power: 155 hp
Max PowerRpm: 6,200 RPM
Max Touch: 20.0 kg-m
Max TorqueRpm: 4,000 RPM
Acceleration: 11.1 sec
Braking Distance: 42.8 m
Number of Cylinders: 4
Valves of Cylinders: 16 
Gear: 7
driveConfig: 4WD
Type: Automatic

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